Taking the Bite out of the Holidays is a charitable effort sponsored by BedBug Central that is offering free bed bug services to those in need who are suffering from bed bug infestations and do not have the means to better their situation this holiday season.


All those in financial need may apply. Applicants can range anywhere from single family homes and apartments to group homes, shelters, and nursing homes.


In areas where participating companies are located, pest control professionals will arrive at your home or facility on the 4th or 11th of December and render pest control services in an effort to better the situation and provide some relief from the stress created from dealing with a bed bug infestation.


Application Process: If you are interested in participating in this program or you wish to recommend someone, please write a letter to "Beddy Bed Bug" in 300 words or less why you or your facility could use charitable bed bug treatments for the holidays. Please include your contact information and address.

You can submit your letter via mail or online:

   1. Via mail: "Beddy Bed Bug", 351 Lawrence Station Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
   2. Email: beddy@bedbugcentral.com
   3. Facebook: Beddy the Bed Bug
   4. Twitter: Send a Tweet to Beddy Bed Bug

If you or your facility is chosen to receive these efforts, you will be contacted in the first week of December and provided with the date that treatments will be rendered.

These efforts are not intended to eliminate all bed bugs from your home or facility but to better the situation and provide you with some comfort as the holiday season approaches.

Thank you for applying to this program and we hope to help you in the future!