Controlling Infestations

Bed bugs are challenging pests to control. Since they can hide in so many places, treatments must be thorough an elimination is not always certainty. In most cases, it will be prudent to enlist the services of a professional. The Pest Bureau®, Inc. knows where to look for bed bugs, and have an assortment of management tools at their disposal.

Owners and occupants have an important role and will need to assist the professional. Affording access for inspection and treatment is crucial, and excess clutter will have to be removed. Belongings strewn about rooms afford many places for bed bugs to hide, and impedes inspection and treatment. The Pest Bureau®, Inc. wants furniture moved away from walls and mattresses and box springs stood on edge before they arrive. Since bed bugs can disperse throughout a building, it often will be necessary to inspect adjoining rooms and apartments.

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