PestWorld For Kids!

Pestworld for is part of the National Pest Management Association's efforts to educate future consumers about the benefits of professional pest control and encourage their interest in professional pest control as a career. In order to generate this interest, the association, along with Vault Communications, Educational Web Adventures, and developed an educational children’s web site dedicated to pests.

Featured Games!

Archibald's Adventure

Archibald Ant is a very fussy odorous house ant who must find food for his colony and stay out of harm's way. Help Archibald complete his mission to locate and plunder the legendary sugar bowl on the far-off kitchen counter. And he needs, help, too, because he would much rather stay outdoors and avoid the unknown dangers indoors.
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Pest Detective

A pest is just an animal looking for meal and a place to live that took a wrong turn into your house. But when they do, it's not pretty. Homes wrecked...people sick. And that's where you come in. You're a Pest Detective. It's your job to find out what happened and who did it. Then you can help—because it doesn't have to happen again.
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The Pest Rangers

The Pest Rangers Online Learning Game Pest Commander Pete needs your help! Join the elite Pest Rangers and search out pest problems in a typical home. Using special super hero gear to see through solid walls and spot the invisible, can you outwit the insects and rodents who have made your house into their home?
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Name That Pest

Maybe you've seen an animal or insect in or around your home. Maybe you've even caught it. Is it a pest? (No, your little brother doesn't count!) Answer a few simple questions to see if your critter is one of the common household pests that might threaten your health or damage stuff in your house.
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