About Us

Our Mission:
Our mission is to serve, rely, resolve, and guarantee to serve the client unconditionally with any pest and  animal needs. We strictly rely on our professional data, technical training, and skills to resolve any and all existing problems and guarantee it with the The Pest Bureau, Inc. commitment.”

At The Pest Bureau, Inc., we implement Integrated Pest Management (1PM) in which applications can be chemical-free for sensitive areas, allergy sufferers, as well as infants, and still remain highly effective. The Pest Bureau, Inc. knows and understands the importance of a healthy pest-free environment. All of our superior services are environmentally safe, humane, and 100% guaranteed.

Quality Assured Pest Elimination requires monitoring and follow - up from many levels of management in the The Pest Bureau, Inc. organization, it is selective and designed for special clients who recognize the need for total pest elimination and are willing to actively participate in the program. The concepts of incorporating documentation, professional service, structured communication and client participation, all add up to a Qualify Assured Program.