Our Team

Full-Time Supervisory/Management Staff
All of The Pest Bureau, Inc.’s Management personnel are full-time employees and thoroughly trained in all aspects of pest control procedures. On their primary purposes is to assure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations as well as to assure your satisfaction. Quality, performance. efficient and safe results are by-products inherent in this management commitment to our clients.

Specified Service Dates and Times
The Pest Bureau, Inc. sets specific days and times each month for service. As a result, you will know what day and approximate time to expect the The Pest Bureau, Inc. technician. This of course, will be scheduled at a time convenient for you. Consequently, The Pest Bureau, Inc. service will never become an interruption but rather an integral part of your business schedule.

Quality Control Inspector
The Pest Bureau, Inc. employs a full-time Quality Control Inspector who is specifically dedicated to monitoring local service and to assure that it is being conducted in a legal, effective and professional manner for all clientele. You are thereby assured that you are receiving the highest possible quality of service available and that you are getting excellent value for your investment in the program.