The Quality Assured Pest Elimination


The Quality Assured Pest Elimination Program that has been designed for you will be accomplished by rendering three (3) interdependent phases of treatment. Each phase is designed to accomplish specific objectives and to compliment one another.

PHASE 1- Intensive Service

During the first month of service, an INTENSIVE treatment will be performed to make certain there are no hidden infestations requiring elimination. The Pest Bureau, Inc. will also implement preventive pest elimination procedures to maintain a pest free “condition at the facility. These services will include the following:

All critical areas will receive a thorough inspection for pest activity where required, and the appropriate procedures will be implemented to eliminate the conditions found. Critical areas are defined as those areas: 1) currently experiencing a problem, 2) where pest problems have been noted in the past. 3) where pest problems are most likely to occur in the future.

Rodent trapping devices may be located in strategic areas throughout the buildings to maximize control. This rodent elimination method will expressly exclude the use of any rodenticide materials.

PHASE II - Quality Assured Pest Elimination Maintenance Program

Subsequent to the satisfactory completion of all INTENS 1VE service work. The Pest Bureau, Inc. will commence with the regularly scheduled Quality Assured Pest Elimination Maintenance Program.

The program we would implement is an 1PM Program. The Integrated Pest Management Program incorporates more inspecting. baiting, monitoring and less use of residual spraying of pesticides. Documentation is also important. If we find a problem, we eliminate that problem so we do not have to constantly apply pesticides.

PHASE 3-Customized Program Features

Twenty - Four Hour Emergency Response
The Pest Bureau, Inc. will provide twenty-four hour emergency response at no additional fee. Should a pest named in our agreement becomes a problem, we will respond the same day if you call the office before noon. We will respond by the end of the next business day if you call between noon and 5:00 PM. You can rest assured that your home - business is as important to us as it is to you and, consequently, you will not have to wait for a satisfactory solution to any unforeseen pest problems in the future.

Uniformed Service Technicians
All service technicians will be fully uniformed in easily recognizable The Pest Bureau, Inc. service attire. As result, you the customer will know who we are. There will be no questions as to the authenticity of The Pest Bureau, Inc. personnel so you will feel comfortable about our presence on your property.

Reduced Pesticide Usage
Because The Pest Bureau, Inc. personnel are trained in the most up-to-date and effective pest control methods including inspection techniques, we are able to eliminate your pests in our initial treatment phase and thus reduce pesticide usage. Thereafter, less pesticide applications are required which allows for cleaner and safer environment for you.

On-going Training
The Pest Bureau, Inc. provides on-going intensive classroom training for all company personnel which means that everyone on the The Pest Bureau, Inc. team will be provided with the most modem and progressive service procedures and safety requirements. Consequently, you can rest assured that The Pest Bureau, Inc. will be up-to-date on the newest materials and treatment techniques in conjunction with local city, state & federal laws.