We are talking about the mice and rats that can sometimes invade our personal spaces. If you don't want to share your personal space with four-legged invaders give us a call. The most common rodent pests are the house mouse, deer or white footed mouse and rats. But occasionally shrews, voles and moles become pests as well. Depending on each individual situation we will customize a treatment that suits your personal needs. If requested we can, also, "rodent proof" your home. Let us know you want this done and we will gladly give you a quote.

House Mouse facts (or some pretty amazing stuff!):

  • a mouse can squeeze through a 1/4 inch wide gap
  • they are excellent climbers
  • they can swim
  • they can jump vertically up to 14 inches
  • their common lifespan is 15 to 18 months
  • they can have litters approximately every 40-50 days (WOW!)

Pick A Rodent:

  • Deer Mice
  • House Mice
  • Norway Rats