What is bedbug free?

Bedbug free is establishment of network of pest management firms throughout the United States that share similar philosophy and approach to bedbug management as bedbug central. Some examples of the philosophies that are shared among companies include the following:

  • Commitment to educating clients about bedbugs. This includes having a variety of fact sheets available, as well as communicating the findings and observations of bedbug services that are rendered.
  • Treatment methods that address all life stages including eggs.
  • Methods that do not rely exclusively upon conventional pesticides.
  • Utilizes different strategies specifically geared for addressing bedbug eggs that are not easily dealt with through chemical means (i.e. steam, cryonite, vacums, heat, etc)
  • Use of high quality mattress and box spring encasements as oppose to treating mattress with pesticides.
  • Through follow-up program that is not based upon a minimum number of visits but rather is based upon the current status of bedbug activity,
  • Well defined methodology for determining when an infestation has been eliminated
  • Provide recommendations to property managers regarding the importance of including surrounding units in the scope of work in multi-occupancy settings
  • Documentation that would protect you in the event of an lawsuit.