The Pest Bureau, Inc. has always been dedicated to Safety, Service & Satisfaction.

Safety is our first concern; a safe work environment for our employees; safe application of chemicals consistent with the manufacturers labeling for protection of our customers and our planet. Service is what our business is based on; excellent service leads to satisfied customers. Satisfaction means new referrals.

We are professionally trained, equipped and licensed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission to humanely control any wildlife you may encounter — squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, pigeons, fox, deer snakes, etc. Ask about our safe, humane & effective repellents for rats, mice, snakes. squirrels, birds, bats, deer, gophers, rabbits and all domestic animals (dogs, cats etc.)

Why Choose The Pest Bureau, Inc.?

The Pest Bureau, Inc. is a full service organization that offers a wide variety of services to help protect your home and your company. The Pest Bureau offers Residential and Commercial services. Below are some of the reasons why The Pest Bureau, Inc. is the best company to take care of your pest control needs:

  • Quick Response
  • Elite full-time technical experts
  • Exceptional technical expertise to solve every problem, no matter how challenging
  • State accredited training programs with ongoing updates
  • The most modern and environmentally sound service procedures
  • Experienced Technicians who consistently deliver the best service results in the industry
  • Best Guarantees in the business
  • Low risk satisfaction
  • Pest-free environment with reduced reliance on pesticides
  • Proactive partnership with clients
  • Mutual communication to help facilitate treatment and elimination of pests
  • Specified service dates and times
  • Leading specialists in key commercial industries
  • Specialized individuals who truly know your specific needs
  • Monitoring progress and making recommendations with an eye toward continuous improvement
  • Disciplined Quality Control systems in place
  • Problem situations are anticipated and eliminated before they begin.
  • Quality performance and satisfaction at the local levels

Remember- when it’s time to protect your property from invading pests or wildlife — there’s only one company to call. Serving all residential, industrial, institutional and commercial facilities.